ZERO Technique

The ZERO Technique is a new, innovative and effective body technique for inducing a myofascial release (muscle relaxation) in a few seconds and consequently eliminating muscle pain (musculoskeletal). The principle on which the ZERO Technique is based is only one. The Technique can be used, with appropriate modifications, to eliminate musculoskeletal pain, to increase muscle efficiency in terms of strength, resistance, snap and agility in the athlete and not, for traumatic and surgical post-scars.

What is the ZERO Technique

The ZERO technique consists of a double “sensory stimulation” performed in a few seconds. This technique is non-invasive and painless, and allows, through two synchronized stimulations, a tactile and a cognitive one, to quickly de-stress both the striated muscles and the myofascia and consequently obtain a reduction in muscle pain in a few seconds (from 10 to 60 seconds). The efficacy achieved by the ZD Technique, only if applied according to precise pre-established rules, allows a reduction of 80-100% muscle pain even in the following days and in mano cases it can have a permanent effect. The Technique has a 100% effectiveness.

What is NOT

The ZERO Technique does not refer either to psycho-corporeal techniques or to principles or theories known until now:

Manipulations are NOT performed on the tissues (Massotherapy, Osteopathy, Myofascial …)

DO NOT use body techniques related to movement (Yoga, Feldenkrais …)

Techniques related to Applied Kinesiology are NOT used

They are NOT physical exercises

It does NOT refer to Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tuina, Shiatsu, Guasha, …)

Energy or “vibrational” techniques are NOT used

Breathing is NOT used

It does NOT refer to the EFT technique and the Tapping technique

Taping is NOT used (Kinesiological, neuromuscular, Kinesiotape, …)

NO oils or creams are used

Trigger Points are NOT used

Instrumental aids (electrostimulators, …) are NOT used NO drugs, natural remedies or supplements are used Hypnotic, psychological and mindfulness techniques are NOT used

It is NOT painful, it is NOT invasive

How it happens

The ZD technique has a duration of execution of a few seconds (maximum 60-70 seconds) and performed standing or sitting and dressed. The ZD technique can be used independently (self-treatment).


The ZERO technique can be used whenever acute or chronic muscle pain is present. Given the particularity of the ZD Technique and the speed of execution, it can be integrated into any body technique practiced or used exclusively. The fundamental requirement, for the technique to work, is that the recipient is collaborative and that the technique is carried out as indicated.

The technique, after a certain period of learning, can also be self-induced without any external support from the operator.

Who the basic course is open to

The course is open to those who want to learn a new technique to reduce or eliminate muscle pain (self-treatment). The technique can be acquired over a weekend, but the seminar can be repeated free of charge as often as desired to achieve maximum skill.

Course program

The Autonomous Nervous System

Structure and Function of the Osteo-Muscular Tissue

The “Principle” on which the ZERO Technique is based

Somatic decoding

Basic ZERO technique: Theory and Practice

Specific cases to use the Technique

Costs 2019

For 2019 the cost of the courses will be 350 Euros.

Course duration

The course has a duration of a weekend (from 9.30 to 18.00)

Course registration

To register, send an email to with a registration request for the required course or fill out the registration form on this page